your local plumber belleville il

     Our bathroom remodeling professionals are also licensed to provide services for individuals looking for a plumber belleville IL.  Belleville has a strict set of code requirements for plumbing work done in the city and surrounding areas.  Our licensed plumber is capable and certified by the city to provide plumbing services for you and your home.  Belleville does not just allow anyone to come in and provide plumbing work to the residents of the city, you have to first be approved through the city to work on plumbing projects here.  These restrictions may seem harsh, but the last thing you want is some random person claiming to know plumbing to come in and majorly damage your home.  

Plumbing work if not done correctly can lead to many sanitation issues, and poor health for residence in your home.  It is important to ensure that plumbing projects are inspected and looked over by a professional, and that the work is approved by the city.  So if you need a plumber belleville il to come out and provide you with an estimate for your plumbing job, we can help you with that.  If you are unsure and on the fence about whether or not you want a full bathroom remodel done, we can at the very least provide you with an estimate so you can think on it and make the decision on your own time.  Feel free to give us a call to set up an appointment for our plumber to come out and see if we can help you with your plumbing project!

Are you in need of water heater repair in belleville il?

One of the more common calls that we get involves water heater repair belleville il.  Customers are generally frantic about their water heater leaking water all over the ground.  If you see water leaking from your water heater, here is a list of things you need to do immediately:

  1.  First you need to locate the shut-off valves that should be just above your water heater and turn them so that the water is no longer flowing.  A good way to check if you have sufficiently shut off the water too and from your water heater is to find a nearby faucet and turn the hot water knob on.  The water should run briefly, and then slow to a trickle.
  2. Now that the water heater is isolated, be sure to give us a call so we can come out and diagnose the situation.

In many cases water heater repair belleville il can turn into a water heater replacement project.  We try our best to replace faulty parts on a water heater before we decide to replace it, but if there’s a leak in the tank, there is really nothing we can do to repair that.  In situations where the water heater is already old and likely in need of replacement anyways, we always suggest to the homeowner to consider a tankless water heater.  They are more expensive than your traditional water heater’s, but you will have on demand hot water for as long as you need it, while your traditional water heater will eventually run out of hot water and you would need time to let the tank heat the water.  Another great benefit to having a tankless water heater installed is that these tankless water heaters will last significantly longer than a traditional water heater.